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Apricots ±350g


Apricots have flesh that are smooth, juicy, tender, and sweet, with just a bit of tartness at the end. Apricots are a good source of vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, iron and beta-carotenes.

Arrowroot – 1kg (葛根 / 粉葛)


Arrowroot contains a good amount of potassium, iron and B vitamins, which is great for metabolism, circulation and heart health. Studies have even shown that arrowroot can stimulate immune cells and boost the immune system.

Asparagus Green ±250g (绿芦笋)


Asparagus’ mildly grassy and sweet flavor matches that of its larger and smaller counterparts. Asparagus contains more glutathione than any other fruit or vegetable.

Baby Bok Choy (Sawi Nai Pak Zai / Baby Sawi Putih / Baby Nai Pak) (奶白仔)


Baby Bok Choy (Sawi Nai Pak Zai / Baby Sawi Putih / Baby Nai Pak) is tender and crunchy with a sweet, fresh green flavor.

Baby Corn (Jagung Kecil) ±250g (玉米笋)


Baby corn is tender and succulent with a snap-like crunch, containing a mild, subtly sweet, earthy, and vegetal taste.

Baby French Beans (Baby Buncis) ±500g (小四季豆 / 小桂豆)


Baby French Beans are soft with velvety skin and they are quite meaty for their size, and their crisp texture offers a sweet, green flavor.

Baby Gai Lan (Chinese Kale Kai Lan) (小芥兰)


Gai Lan has a similar, but slightly stronger flavor to broccoli and is bitter-sweet with a green, vegetal flavor. Gai Lan is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, calcium, and folate.

Baby Romaine (Mak Tam)


Baby Romaine (Mak Tam) leaves are broad and smooth with many folds and creases, and the rib is crunchy, juicy, and succulent. Baby Romaine (Mak Tam) is crisp and tender with a mild, fresh taste.

Banana Leaf (Daun Pisang) – 1kg


Banana leaves are large, flexible, and waterproof. They impart an aroma to food that is cooked in or served on them; steaming with banana leaves imparts a subtle sweet flavour and aroma to the dish.

Bawang Ros (Rose Shallots) (玫瑰小葱)


Rose Shallots are aromatic with a complex blend of spicy, sweet, and pungent flavors. They are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as roasting, sautéing, and grilling.

Bayam Hijau (Yin Choy) (绿苋菜)


Spinach can be sweet, earthy, nutty and even tangy. An excellent source of antioxidants, Spinach has four times the beta carotene of broccoli.

Bayam Merah (Red Spinach) ±250g (红苋菜)


The flavor of cooked bayam merah is nutty and mild, similar to that of spinach. Bayam merah is nutritious, gluten-free grain that provides plenty of fiber, protein and micronutrients.