Harvocart is a B2B2C platform aiming to connect producers with businesses and end consumers. Harvocart simplify agriculture trades through data learning, process automation and, people and at the same time, promote transparency and fair payment to all.

Harvocart provides a wide range of services such as storage, cold storage, picking, packing, marketing and distribution.

Buyers on the other hand is able to be matched with the right suppliers and enjoy the transparency of dealing under a secured
environment. Buyers also save more time on documentation, sourcing, and dealing with segregation of stock.

Harvocart provides a plethora of benefits such as reducing time and effort required to buy and sell, cutting out needless overhead otherwise required for most buyers and sellers in order to procure or fulfill. Documentation is also properly done up to ensure each sides can have a peace of mind when it comes to accounting. You end up saving money, save time, save effort and gain a whole lot more profit margin.

Fresh produces are sourced directly from farm and importers ensuring they get into the market within 12 hours – the same day

Suppliers and B2B Buyers will get to take advantage on a private market environment to do dealings. Harvocart Shop is catered to startup businesses and end consumers for a quicker and straightforward order process. B2B users will get the privilege to explore the market data, ex-farm & wholesale prices, pre-order, and enjoy a wide range of payment options.


You may proceed to sign up via Our team will get in touch with you within 1-2 working days to assist you with the onboarding process.

Verified Suppliers are given to suppliers that has provided us with full business documents that is required. This is a way to increase the profile credibility and relieve the outreach cap that non-verified supplier has.

Products are pre-uploaded and they can be selected based on your list. For products that are new to Harvocart, you may insert a new product proposal of which if approved, will go live within 2-5 working days.

You may login to the Partner Centre > Order Management to view/update/edit your order status.

You will be alerted of new orders via Email / SMS

You may arrange for delivery method via Partner Centre > Send Parcel (for small orders) or Partner Centre > Consignment (for large orders).

After you have decided on your delivery method, select the delivery partner you wish to engaged to have an overview on their respective delivery rates.

Alternatively, you may opt for self-delivery or self collection.


For consumers you may sign up at

For businesses, you may sign up at

Harvocart accepts all sort of payment methods including FPX, Debit/Credit Card & E-Wallet.

For Business Buyers, there are options of recurring, instalment and credit term payment. You may apply in the Partner Centre.

Business profile needs to be verified through submission of documents. You may find out more in Partner Centre.

Proceed to Shop at for normal orders and for B2B purchase.

For B2B Buyers: You may login to the Partner Centre > Order Management to view/update/edit your order status.

For B2C Buyers: You may go to My Account > Orders to view/update/edit your order status.


For B2B: Proceed to Partner Centre > Order Status > Track My Order

For B2C: Proceed to, provide your Order ID and Email to check for your delivery status.

Delivery fees are determined by your choice of delivery partner. You may review on the prices upon checkout.

Ensure that you check on the items upon receiving and submit your concern to within 24 hours.

You may email us at to cancel the order, however, do ensure that the order is cancelled before delivery arrange is made. For orders that have their delivery arranged, orders can no longer be cancelled.

Promotional or limited time offers cannot be cancelled once order is placed.

For B2B Buyers, you can schedule your delivery in Partner Centre. While we cannot guarantee the arrival time, we will work to ensure you receive within 4 hours of your prefferred arrival timeslot.